About the Community of Scholars

The CoS:

Connects scholars with resources, opportunities, and each other to build a robust and diverse support network.

Creates synergy and improve efficiency by strengthening connections among career development programs at Duke.

Shares best practices and resources for program leadership, mentors, and scholars.

Coordinates efforts to facilitate and increase diversity among scholars, mentors, and programs.

COS activities are currently focused on scholars, mentors, and leadership in Duke’s K scholar community. This includes K-awardees, and mentored programs for junior faculty, fellows, and advanced postdocs with NIH or other funding and at least 50% protected research time. 

How can you benefit?

  • Meet other K scholars to network, share lessons learned, and form peer writing and discussion groups

  • Get relevant information about educational and career development opportunities and resources

  • Share your ideas for the learning environment and influence what is offered

  • Get help accessing resources and activities at Duke

  • Become a better mentor to your peers and trainees

  • Improve your Career Development Award (CDA) program through sharing of experience and resources with other CDA programs

Friederike Jayes, PhD
Program Co-Director, Community of Scholars

Clarissa Diamantidis, MD
Program Co-Director, Community of Scholars

Amanda McMillan
CTSI, Sr. Staff Director, Workforce Development

Stephanie Molner
CTSI, Administrative Manager, Workforce Development

Taryn Cavanaugh Faulk
CTSI, Senior Program Coordinator, Workforce Development

Stella Quenstedt
CTSI, Project Manager & Research Analyst ESP

Julie McKeel
CTSI, Director of Strategic Communications