Mentored Career Development Awards

Institutional mentored career development awards are made to institutions who then select candidates/scholars for the award. Institutional K- and similar awards are designed to support early-career clinical scientists and basic researchers who are committed to independent research careers, and to facilitate their transition to more advanced support mechanisms such as K01, K08 K23, K99, or R01.

Mentored Career Development awards can be funded by different funding mechanisms including professional societies. Duke is the recipient of several NIH funded K12 awards which reflects on the quality of the Duke research environment and the quality of Duke faculty. 

Details and information on NIH K12 and additional K-awards can be found on the NIH Website for Research Career Development Awards.

CAtCH: Duke Center for Advancement of Child Health (K12)

  • Research FocusBasic and Translational research focused on and directly relevant to child health

Duke CTSA KL2 Mentored Career Development Award (KL2)

  • Research Focus:  None – Clinical or translational research

  • Date of Next RFA:  RFA distributed every July

NOTE:  KL2 is a K12 that is administratively linked to another project.  The KL2 is linked to the Duke CTSA UL1TR002553.

KURe: Duke Multidisciplinary K12 Urologic Research Career Development Program (K12)

  • Research Focus:  Benign urologic disease

  • Date of Next RFA:  Letters of Intent strongly encouraged at any time so that program leadership can assist possible candidates with mentor and project selection.

PEPPER CENTER: Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center Research Education Component 

  • Research Focus:  Integrating basic science and clinical insights into innovative interventions promoting reserve and resilience in late life.

  • Date of Next RFA:  Scholars solicited on a regular basis.

REACH Equity: Duke Center for Research to Advance Healthcare Equity Career Development Award (U54)

  • Research Focus:  Research must be broadly related to the theme of addressing racial and ethnic disparities in health by developing and testing interventions that improve the quality of patient-centered care in the clinical encounter.

WRHR: Women’s Reproductive Health Research Program (K12)

  • Research Focus:  Research ultimately relevant to obstetrics and gynecology and/or its subspecialties.

  • Date of Next RFA:  RFA distributed only when slots are available.