Duke EHR-Enabled Research Support (EERS)

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EERS makes it easy for innovators and investigators to leverage Duke's EHR and data warehouse resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

Investigators can request a free consultation with EERS staff to review the investigator's request in order to:

  1. Define a technical approach that will work within project timeline
  2. Connect the investigator with Duke resources to refine the research plan and execute on informatics work
  3. Refine informatics budget estimates

EERS diagram

Examples of the type of assistance the EERS Team can provide:

  • Design technological interventions that promote behavioral changes in clinicians, patients, or research subjects within the project's timeline and budget
  • Supply Letters of Support and Technological Budget Sign-off for internal and external grant applications
  • Connect with the relevant teams at Duke and among our partners to build and implement novel and custom technological solutions
  • Connect with the appropriate informatics resources across Duke Health
  • Leverage existing self-service data sources
  • Connect with the relevant Duke teams to develop new data sources

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Our Team

Dr Eric PoonEric Poon, MD | eric.poon@duke.edu | (919) 684-0359

Chief Health Information Officer, Duke Health

Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine

Eric is the Chief Health Information Officer for Duke Medicine and practices primary care internal medicine at the Durham Medical Center. His research interests have revolved around the use of health information technology to improve the quality of care and patient safety in both the ambulatory and hospital settings.


Stephen Blackwelder, PhD | stephen.blackwelder@duke.edu | (919) 668-9036

Chief Analytics Officer, Duke Health

As co-leader, with Dr. Poon, of the Analytics Center of Excellence, Stephen leads the design, development, and ongoing evaluation of the enterprise data warehouse, and the maturation of a portfolio of information services to support Duke Health's clinical, research, and educational missions, as well as its operational and financial goals.



Eugenia McPeek HinzEugenia McPeek Hinz, MD, MS | eugenia.mcpeek.hinz@duke.edu | (919) 684-3721

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Duke Health

Dr. McPeek Hinz is Associate Chief Health Information Officer for Duke University Health System. She completed medical training at the Medical College of Virginia, and residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic. Her research interests include Natural Language Processing in association with provider documentation, data visualization of clinical disease phenotypes, and risk stratification models for ambulatory populations.


Bhargav Adagarla Duke DCRIBhargav Adagarla, MS | bhargav.adagarla@duke.edu | (919) 613-7543

Senior Bioinformatician, DCRI

Bhargav Adagarla is a senior informaticist within Clinical Research Informatics at DCRI. He has several years of experience providing data management and software engineering support to clinical and basic science research and managing research information systems supporting translational research. He has an M.S. in computer engineering from the University of Kansas and a B.E. from Osmania University, India.



Armando Bedoya DukeArmando Bedoya, MD | armando.bedoya@duke.edu

Pulmonary Critical Care/Informatics Fellow

Armando Bedoya is a Pulmonary Critical Care and Clinical Informatics Fellow. He received his MD from Brown University and a Master of Management in Clinical Informatics degree from Duke University. His research interests include predictive analytics, implementation science, and the secondary use of Electronic Health Data.


Anisha Chandiramani, MD | anisha.chandiramani@duke.edu

Informatics Fellow

Anisha Chandiramani is a practicing adult hospitalist and clinical informatics fellow. Her interests are in improving inpatient care quality and safety.




Kumar Ilangovan DukeKumar Ilangovan, MD, MSPH | kumar.ilangovan@duke.edu

Informatics Fellow

Kumar Ilangovan is a first-year clinical informatics fellow whose research interests include population health informatics and health services research. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and received his MD from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.