CTSI Equity in Research Core

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The Duke CTSI Equity in Research (EIR) Core aspires to elevate, advance, and accelerate equitable, inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-biased research.


The EIR Core aims to:

  • Provide infrastructure support for research teams and CTSA Cores to promote equity, anti-bias and anti-racism across all aspects of the research process and environment.
  • Shift the research culture toward proactive and robust planning for diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical and translational science research

​Why should equity be part of the research enterprise?

Even when research is not related to minority health or health disparities, recruiting people from diverse racial, ethnic and other marginalized groups significantly enhances generalizability, improves population health, and ultimately advances research and health outcomes for all participants.

EIR services and resources help the Duke research community to:

  • Develop intentional recruitment strategies
  • Deepen awareness of personal, cultural, and system fears and biases
  • Understand the history of abuse and exploitation in clinical trials and medicine
  • Create inclusive study materials
  • Foster equitable community engagement
  • Enhance participant diversity by engaging with special populations

Core services provided by EIR include:

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Nadine Barrett                                                                                
Nadine Barrett, PhD | nadine.barrett@duke.edu                           

Keisha Bentley-Edwards
Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD 
| keisha.bentley.edwards@duke.edu

Pamela Maxson
Pamela Maxson, PhD | pamela.maxson@duke.edu

Sabrena Mervin-Blake
Sabrena Mervin-Blake 
| sabrena.mervin-blake@duke.edu

Judy Seidenstein
Judy Seidenstein | judy.seidenstein@duke.edu

Dane Whicker
Dane Whicker, PhD