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Accessing EHR Data at Duke

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Run your own queries of Duke EHR data:
DEDUCETM (self-service, free)

Request data queries from the ACE service team:
DEDUCETM (Service-Now data request, nominal cost based on size and complexity of query)

What is DEDUCE?

DEDUCE™ is a self-service, web-based clinical research and quality improvement query tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It allows for flexible searching of data hierarchies compiled through years of patient care. Users with no previous database experience can identify cohorts of patients and extract data while maintaining patient privacy.

What data can be found in DEDUCE?

The DEDUCE™ data set currently covers over 3.4 million patients, spanning 37 years.  The data are refreshed daily with updates provided from a combination of current Epic Clarity and legacy EDW data elements. The data include more than 1.6 billion lab results crossing over 10,000+ socio-economic data elements based on U.S. census data.

DEDUCE includes clinical information systems serving the Duke University Health System and includes tools for:

  • Real-time tracking of potential research participants (DISCERN)
  • Geographic mapping of patients (DEDUCE Geo)
  • Text analytics search of radiology and pathology reports

You can search clinical notes with DEDUCE!

  • History and progress
  • OP notes (surgeon)
  • ED provider notes
  • Consults
  • Discharge
  • Progress note (inpatient and outpatient)

Learn how to perform a basic DEDUCE text report search, and how to use settings for DEDUCE text report search.

How do I get access to DEDUCE?

Users must request a DEDUCE account and be approved by their supervisor.

Click here to learn about requesting a DEDUCE account.

What if I need to work with identifiable protected health information?

Duke has created the Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE), a highly secure network space where researchers can analyze and work with identifiable protected health information.

This product provides an individual workspace that is secure and compliant, yet flexible enough to meet the varying needs of educators and researchers. For more information, visit the PACE website.


To learn more about DEDUCE, please contact Nelda Bradley at nelda.bradley@duke.edu.

Note: Certain data (e.g., protected health information from the electronic health record) may only be available to designated employees of the Duke Health System, Schools of Medicine, and School of Nursing.

Collecting and Storing Data at Duke

To request services from ACE (Analytics Center of Excellence) for one-time data files, recurring data extracts, data marts, or other offerings, visit the ACE Data Solutions for Research site.

Duke Data Service and Hosted Computing

Duke Data Service is a flexible, investigator-friendly service that facilitates the association of data provenance for simple and complex scientific workflows. It provides a secure central data store that allows researchers to use their own hardware (e.g., laptops, workstations, and mobile devices) to gain local access to their data. Duke Data Service provides a web interface for designated research team members to administer fine-grained user access, upload and download files, manage project contents, and much more.

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