Documentation For Power Users

These Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) are intended for Power Users of MasterControl.

  • Using the Search Button (PDF) 
    Shows how to use the search button appearing on the toolbar of screens that contain lists.
  • Enabling and Opening My Files (PDF)
    Details how to enable and open My Files that helps streamline Collaboration tasks.
  • Using Out of Office (PDF) 
    Tells how to turn on and off the Out of Office feature.
  • Completing Tasks as a Collaborator (PDF) 
    Guides Collaborators on how to best use the Collaboration Workspace to redline (edit) a document, add comments, and sign off.
  • Tracking a Document in Process (PDF) 
    Demonstrates how to use Tracking to determine where in the route a document is today and read details about its progress from collaboration through approvals.
  • Completing Tasks as a Leader (PDF) 
    Summarizes for Collaboration Leaders the tasks to complete in MasterControl, especially the Collaboration Workspace.
  • Adding or Removing Users in a Step (PDF) 
    Discusses for Collaboration Leaders how to modify a step in a route to make changes to its membership.
  • Generating Document Reports (PDF)
    For users with access to Analytics under My MasterControl, discusses how to generate a number of reports.
  • Triggering Retraining Tasks (PDF)
    Provides the steps a Manager/Supervisor completes to have trainees that report to them retake a completed training task. 


Training for new View-Only Users

Users with View-Only access can:

  • Search, view, and print documents.
  • Complete training tasks, when required.

To gain view-only access to MasterControl, you must successfully complete the following web-based training (WBT) course. This six-chapter uses Flash animation, narration, hands-on exercises, and a final quiz to introduce basic View-Only operations to anyone unfamiliar with the MasterControl system, release 10.

If possible, view on a desktop or laptop computer with a screen resolution of 1152x864 or higher. Audio is included, so have speakers or headphones ready before you start. After successfully passing the quiz (passing grade: 75%), you print out a training certificate, and then submit information to set up your account. Click a link to open a chapter:

  • Chapter 1Overview and Logging In/Logging Out [4:46]
    Provides an overview of MasterControl and details how to log in the first time and how to log out.
  • Chapter 2Navigating MasterControl [5:42]
    Presents tips on how to navigate through MasterControl, summarizes some of its screen features, and introduces you to the purpose and use of Document InfoCards.
  • Chapter 3Searching for a Document [12:43]
    Details seven ways MasterControl helps you search and find the documents you need to complete your work.
  • Chapter 4Viewing and Printing a Document [7:56]
    Explores the key content in InfoCards and demonstrates the ways to open and print a document from an InfoCard.
  • Chapter 5Managing Your Training [8:46]
    Summarizes how to manage all your training in MasterControl, including how to complete a training task and track the courses that you have completed.
  • Chapter 6Maintaining Your Esig Password [5:12] and Quiz
    Shows how to maintain your login password, electronic signature password, and answers to security questions. This chapter also provides access to the final quiz.

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