Call for Abstracts for October CTSA Program Meeting - Deadline Sept. 9, 2016

August 22, 2016

The CTSA Program Meeting Planning Committee is soliciting abstracts for the CTSA Program meeting to be held on October 25th in Chicago, IL. The theme of the meeting is “Harnessing the Power of Collaboration in Clinical and Translational Science” and will feature presentations from our community. If you would like to present, please see the guidelines below. We are reshaping the structure of the meeting to create an engaging, inclusive, and informative atmosphere. Please note that the topic areas and panels will be formed based on abstract submission. Presentation types include:

Symposium Panels: Panels should involve a moderator and 2-3 panelists. Panelists’ presentations will be followed by a comment/Q & A period. Please note: Presenters who are part of a symposium panel should submit an abstract for their own presentation, AND indicate the symposium chair and title, as called for in the online form. (90 minutes total; 20 min. presentation per panelist and 30 min for Q&A)

Individual Oral Presentations: Individual presentations are welcome, and may be grouped with other presentations on related or complementary topics. (20 min presentation and 10 min for Q&A)


Priority Areas
Collaboration in Science
Description: Seeking presentations on local, regional and national collaborations. Presentations can include external stakeholder collaborations not funded by the CTSA Program, but must exhibit how the CTSA Program hub is/was the “driver” in the successful collaboration. Collaborations can include a wide range of topics. Examples:

·         Pre-Clinical Research Collaborations

·         Collaborative Pilot Studies

·         Clinical Research Collaborations

·         Community or Patient Engagement

·         Team Science

·         Knowledge Translation


Collaboration in Training: KL2 Lead and Scholar Dyads
Description: Seeking presentations from a KL2 PI and KL2 Scholar or program graduate dyad from CTSA Program hubs. The KL2 PI/lead will briefly describe the unique features of their program and how it has successfully mentored KL2 Scholars into successful research careers. The KL2 Scholar or program graduate will provide examples of how the training program is providing (or has provided) meaningful impact in the development of their career. The presentation will feature how the Program lead and Scholar have worked together to optimize the opportunities of the CTSA Program.

Abstract Guidelines
Include CTSA Program hub name
Proposed title for panel/presentation
Must address the following areas:

·         How proposed panel/presentation fits the theme of the meeting

·         Description of the collaboration and who was involved

·         Results of the collaboration

·         Lessons learned

·         Implications to clinical and translational science on a research level (if locally), implementation level (if regionally), or on a policy/process level (if nationally)


"Ted" Talk Style Presentation Format
High level presentations:

·         Equal amount of time for presentation and discussion

·         Presentation must exhibit innovative/meaningful impact

·         Presentation format must have a clear beginning, middle and end

·         Limited slides; it is suggested that 4-5 slides be used to guide presentation

Mobile, active and engaging presenters:

·         No podium or panel table will be on the stage

·         Stools and microphones will be provided for panel

·         A lavalier microphone will be provided for speakers to facilitate a mobile and active presentation

·         Option to poll the audience with 2-3 questions can be provided


Submit your abstracts here:

Please submit and upload your abstracts by September 9, 2016. The Meeting Planning Committee will review abstracts and notify presenters in a timely manner. We are excited to hear from you!

If you have questions about the submission process please contact Colleen Lawrence, C4 Project Manager.