Duke Announces Involvement with Lancet Commission

March 12, 2019

In alignment with World Hearing Day 2019, Duke announced its involvement in a Lancet Commission that will identify ways to reduce hearing loss across the globe. Duke’s Blake S. Wilson, PhD, will chair the commission, along with Debara L. Tucci, MD, MBA, MS; and Michael H. Merson, MD.  Drs. Wilson and Tucci are affiliated with the Duke University Medical Center Division of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences in the Department of Surgery, and as well as with the Duke Global Health Institute, along with Dr. Merson.

According to the Lancet Review, hearing loss was the fourth leading cause of years lived with disability (YLDs) worldwide in 2015. In that same year, half a billion people across the globe reported having a disabled hearing loss, accounting for 6.8% of the world’s population.

The purpose of this Lancet Commission will be to accelerate the momentum already behind solutions to hearing loss and examine how to reduce cases of hearing loss worldwide. Work for this commission will be done alongside the World Health Organization (WHO), among other health organizations.

The Commission comes a result of the Lancet Review’s Editorial, “Hearing loss: time for sound action.” The Commission plans to release a report on its findings in conjunction with World Hearing Day 2021.

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