Grant Planning Studios Promote Collaboration Among Duke Researchers

December 6, 2019

Eric Jelovsek, MD, came to the Grant Planning Studios as a relatively new researcher at Duke. Still trying to navigate the clinical research landscape, Dr. Jelovsek was looking for resources to help him apply for grants for his project on the prevention of lower urinary tract disorders.

“Duke research can be a very complex map,” Dr. Jelovsek said. “There were a lot of people pointing me in the direction I needed to go, and I needed some structure.”

The Grant Planning Studios, a new program designed to facilitate collaboration between faculty and program leaders and invited research teams to design robust research proposals, seemed to offer that structure. Interested studio participants are encouraged to submit an application, including a project abstract or brief description. Accepted applicants will attend either a scheduled large studio event or a Rapid Response consultation held outside of scheduled studios.

Dr. Jelovsek was selected for the large studio event in October 2019. At the studio, he was connected with the MURDOCK Study and Julie Eckstrand, director of operations in population health for Translational Population Health Research (TransPop). In addition to offering sample grant language, Eckstrand and her team helped Dr. Jelovsek evaluate the feasibility of building a cohort for his study as part of the grant submission

“Eric and I made the connection that our work was a good collaborative fit,” Eckstrand said. “We were able to identify more than 1,100 people interested in the study.”

Dr. Jelovsek valued the experience he had at the Grant Planning Studios, particularly getting to ask questions of statisticians, research IT professionals, and other experts at Duke. For researchers looking to learn more about the research landscape at Duke, or just looking to learn more about resources available outside of their departments, he recommends applying to the studios.

“Getting ready to conduct research extends beyond your sphere of influence,” Dr. Jelovsek said. “Getting people in a room who have knowledge in varied areas can help inform decisions and point people in the right direction.”

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