Postdoctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Computing at Harvey Mudd

January 10, 2020

PIC - Postdoctoral program in Interdisciplinary Computing at Harvey Mudd

The goal of the program is to train future liberal arts college faculty that combine skill in computing (as applied to a particular scientific discipline) with a passion for teaching.

Positions within the three-year program:

  • Offer an opportunity to gain significant computational skills via coursework as well as develop new computational research directions.
  • Offer a chance to hone teaching skills in an environment where teaching is highly valued.
  • Come with a salary $75,000.
  • Include money for travel and to fund undergraduate researchers.

We think this will be attractive to recent PhDs in microbiology who envision a faculty career at a liberal arts college, and who would like to significantly increase their computational experience (and competitiveness in the liberal arts job market).

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