Communication and Dissemination

Manuscript Matching

Larger publishing houses often offer manuscript matching using a free algorithm model to identify the journal that might be the most appropriate for your research. Elsevier, Thompson Reuters, and Springer all offer this service.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality also offers guidance through an online dissemination planning tool.


* Please remember that research supported by CTSA-funded resources must cite the Duke CTSA grant number (UL1TR001117) and be submitted to PubMed Central. 

General Communications

Communications Resources from the School of Medicine include logos, branding guidelines, and primary communication contacts.

Duke Print Management provides graphic design and printing services.

PhD Posters provides overnight printing of posters, and on-campus delivery.

Duke Learning and Organization Development offers a variety of courses, including PowerPoint®, Introduction to Professional Communication, Essential Presentation Skills, and Effective Written Communication.

Registration in (link is external) is REQUIRED for all “Qualifying Trials”, meaning clinical trials that are qualified for coverage as specified in the "Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) Manual," Section 310.1. A NCT# must be provided to DOCR for all “Qualifying Trials” before institutional study approval is granted. For more information regarding qualifying trial determination, please click here or contact (link sends e-mail).