Participant and Clinical Interactions (PCI)

The PCI Core focuses on support and infrastructure; charged with ensuring high-quality clinical research, efficient workflows, and trained personnel.

The PCI Core, run by the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR), ensures rigorous and efficient conduct of clinical research while partnering with and protecting research participants. DOCR supports Clinical Research Units and Oversight Organizations with tools and training, and houses multiple research support services, including the Duke Early Phase Research Unit (DEPRU) and Duke Research at Pickett (R@P).

High-quality Research

  • Specific study designs

  • Realistic recruitment goals

  • Tracking of enrollment & follow-up

  • Submission of high-quality data

  • Careful data monitoring

  • Timely assessment of feasibility

  • Closure of studies not meeting goals

  • Orderly closeout

  • Publication of results

  • Sharing results with participants

Function & Impact

The PCI acts as a catalyst for other CTSA cores, DUHS, Duke University and participant communities. The ultimate impact should be health discoveries that have importance for all partners.


Susanna Naggie, MD
Vice Dean for Clinical Research

Shruti Raja, MD, MHS
Faculty Director, Duke Early Phase Research Unit (DEPRU)

Denise Snyder, MS, RD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research, DOCR

Stephanie Freel, PhD
Director, Outreach and Mentorship, DOCR

Catee Mullen, MS
Director, Research Operations, DOCR

Marissa Stroo, MMCi
Director, Research Operations – Data, DOCR

Susan Budinger
Director, Research Operations – Special Projects, DOCR

Donna Hamel, RCP
Director, DEPRU Operations, DOCR