Clinical Research Workforce Development

As part of a larger workforce development and support initiative, the PCI:

  • Launched new standardized, role and competency-based onboarding programs: CRC, CRS, RC, CRNC, ARPM, RPM

  • CRU director and RPL: coming soon

  • Resumed Tier Advancement for over 100 CRPs with >90% success rate for those who completed

  • Continued Research Professionals Network continuing education series using virtual platforms with sustained high attendance

  • Competency mapped all existing and new training and redesigned training website

Workforce Capacity

  • Standardized clinical research internships

  • Partnered with NCCU to deliver CRP introduction as part of their clinical research internship program, with assistance for job placement when they graduate

  • Modified Hiring Optimization following Platform change, with a focus on placement of Duke MBS and NCCU graduates