PCORI (the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Initiative) authorized by congress in 2010, was founded, in part, to facilitate the shift from researcher-driven to patient-centered health research.

In 2013, PCORI created PCORnet (pcornet.org) to enable providers to obtain answers to pressing clinical questions more quickly and efficiently. PCORnet includes 29 individual networks that together will enable access to large amounts of clinical and health data. PCORnet will facilitate research on conditions ranging from the most common to the rare, and will engage a wide range of patients from all types of healthcare settings and systems.The intent is to reduce the time and effort it takes to launch new clinical studies while focusing on the questions and outcomes that are most important to patients. 

The DCRI, with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, is coordinating the activities of PCORnet.

By requiring that the health systems, clinicians, and patients who generate data be involved in all aspects of the governance and use of those data, PCORnet aims to facilitate the shift from researcher-driven to patient-centered research.

PCORnet is still in its initial 18-month development phase. Visit the PCORnet website for more information about Clinical Data Research Networks, Patient-Powered Research Networks, Webinar educational series, and Grand Rounds.