About CTSI

Equity in Science, Medicine, and Health.

The CTSI is the administrative home for the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), overseeing and integrating sixteen CTSA core services into the fabric of translational science at Duke University. It focuses on leveraging the vast research resources at Duke University and facilitating collaborations that provide or enhance the infrastructure, education, and resources needed to take promising ideas from concept, through development and testing, and into patient care. The CTSI encompasses more than 100 faculty and 95 staff along the entire spectrum of translational science, from early research in the laboratory, through clinical trials in humans, to the successful implementation of new ideas in clinical and community settings.

With support from the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award and Duke Health, CTSI accelerates real-world translational research at Duke with funding, innovative resources, and nationwide collaborations.

Our Vision

To catalyze science that improves health and achieves health equity—for individuals and communities—in our region and across the nation. We strive toward equity in science, medicine, and health.

Our Mission

  • Accelerate scientific discovery, innovation, and translation;

  • Develop and sustain a vital and diverse translational science workforce;

  • Foster a vibrant, transparent, and trustworthy research environment benefiting all;

  • Create and promote a culture of equity, anti-bias, and anti-racism throughout all aspects of clinical and translational science at Duke.

CTSI helps to:

  • Accelerate discovery through research

  • Innovate solutions to translational research challenges

  • Connect academic stakeholders and community partners locally, regionally, and nationally

  • Educate researchers and support career development for junior investigators and research staff

  • Fund promising projects and ideas at critical stages in the research process

Together, we can advance scientific discoveries and build healthy communities.