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Duke is a member of the national Trial Innovation Network (TIN), an innovative collaboration addressing critical roadblocks in clinical research and accelerating the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies.

The goal of the Trial Innovation Network is to not only execute trials better, faster, and more cost-efficiently but, importantly, to be a national laboratory to study, understand, and innovate new ideas in the process of conducting clinical trials.

Why do multi-site research with the TIN?
The Trial Innovation Network streamlines the process, with a single IRB system, master contracting agreements, quality by design approaches, and a focus on evidence-based strategies to recruitment and patient engagement.

How do Duke investigators use the TIN?
Duke investigators can use the TIN to propose multi-site clinical trials and studies. Those interested in submitting proposals to the Trial Innovation Network should review the Proposal Submission Materials below and contact the Duke TIN Hub Liaison Team (

Trial Innovation Network Proposal Submission Materials

View guidelines, instructions and checklists to assist with submitting a proposal to the Trial Innovation Network. For more information about the Trial Innovation Network, please email the network or visit the Trial Innovation Network website.

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