Nadine J. Barrett, PhD

Director, Center for Equity in Research
Nadine Barrett, PhD, is the Co-Director of Equity and Community and Stakeholder Strategy for CTSI and Director of the Center for Equity in Research.

Perusi Benson

Project Manager and Research Analyst, Evaluation and Strategic Planning

Perusi Benson (they/them) is a Project Manager & Research Analyst with Evaluation and Strategic Planning. Perusi is currently a doctoral candidate in the Applied Social and Community Psychology program at North Carolina State University (NCSU). They are committed to applying an intersectional and equitable lens to evaluation, research, and practice. Prior to beginning this position at CTSI, they worked on health and healthcare equity research in NCSU's Black Health Lab. They will be working remotely and from the Chesterfield building.

Community Engaged Research Initiative

Kenisha Bethea joined Duke CTSI in June 2017 as a Research Program Lead. She focuses on projects related to improving population health through community engagement with Duke and the Durham community to foster understanding and trust to ensure all members of the community are served.

Anita Brantley

Project Planner, CTSI Accelerator

CTSI Accelerator

Anita Brantley brings 20 years of experience in clinical research study management in both industry and NIH trials with an emphasis on study startup, contract and budget negotiation, regulatory oversight; as well as operational and personnel management.