Science, Culture, and Accountability Plan

The mission of the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is to catalyze scientific discovery, innovation, and translation; develop and support a vital and diverse translational science workforce; and sustain a vibrant, transparent, and trustworthy research environment benefitting all. CTSI catalyzes and accelerates the innovation and translation of scientific discoveries into health benefits for patients and communities through collaborative research.

Duke CTSI recognizes four guiding principles for the conduct of research that must be applied across the institute regardless of the nature of the research.

  1. Foster an environment where scientific integrity is the highest priority.

  2. Emphasize high-quality, reproducible data and results.

  3. Value constructive critiques of research.

  4. Allow open discussion of any concerns regarding research conduct or integrity.

CTSI collaborative research initiatives involve departments, centers, and institutes across all schools in Duke School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and other Duke schools such as Engineering. Duke CTSI recognizes that all parties must actively participate and that faculty, in particular the principal investigators, must take ownership, be accountable, and must effectively communicate this mission to mentees, fellows, residents, students and laboratory personnel engaged in research. CTSI does not have faculty appointments, therefore faculty and trainees working with CTSI are expected to follow their departmental policies and procedures.

CTSI is committed to ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to reflect the highest professional conduct and to promote a culture in which scientific results are critically reviewed and accountability for data integrity is clearly delineated. Institute policies are intended to create a culture for science that allows for concerns about data integrity to be raised without hesitation and provide mechanisms by which these concerns can be addressed fairly and expeditiously.

Any questions or comments regarding these policies or issues of concerns can be referred to L. Ebony Boulware, MD, MPH, Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute.