Workforce Development


Co-Director, Education and Training Programs Pillar
Co-Director, Workforce Development Pillar


To catalyze science in our region and nation by training tomorrow’s experts and fostering a workforce genuinely reflective of the communities we serve.


Shape the future of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research by improving training pathways to create a highly skilled translational science workforce that:

  • embraces research integrity and is knowledgeable in the conduct of responsible research;

  • engages fruitfully in team science;

  • reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live;

  • collaborates on equal footing with the communities it serves;

  • invests in developing and disseminating innovative, evidence-based strategies to advance health and health equity in scientific discovery;

  • and is well-mentored and trained to mentor well.

Substantial evidence suggests that diverse teams are more innovative, leading to better overall outcomes, including superior research, retention of talent, and enhanced performance compared with homogeneous teams. The Duke CTSI Workforce Development (WFD) Pillar is committed to supporting resources and programs to recruit, train, and retain diverse talent in the STEM workforce—propelling individuals into impactful careers in healthcare, biotech, pharma, medicine, and beyond. Our constituent programs and offices comprise a portfolio of training opportunities designed to ensure that tomorrow’s workforce is well-prepared and reflective of the communities we serve.

Key Offices and Programs:

Workforce Development Team

Center for Pathway Programs

Community of Scholars

CTSA Team Science

Duke CTSA KL2 Career Development Award

Duke CTSA TL1 Physician Research Fellowship

Duke CTSA TL1 Post-Doctoral Training Program

Duke CTSA TL1 Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

National Clinician Scholars Program

Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine

Office of Physician Scientist Development

The CTSI Workforce Development (WFD) Pillar is seeking partnerships with companies and organizations committed to reaching and retaining diverse talent in the STEM workforce. By aligning with us, sponsors will gain premier access to and develop meaningful relationships with talented individuals early in their careers. This, in turn, will enable recruitment for future employment and collaboration on endeavors to expand sponsors’ innovative capacities. To learn more, download our catalogue of opportunities or contact Amanda McMillan.