The Duke Center for Precision Health (CPH) is a collaborative effort between CTSI and the Precision Genomics Collaboratory (PGC) that works to harness the power of genomic, biomarker, and health data to transform patient care and population health.

What We Do

CPH fuels clinical, translational, and basic science to serve as a foundational network for coalescing communities of Duke scientists. The center aims to expand clinical genetics, conduct clinically relevant translational research, perform cutting-edge implementation science, engage the community and build trust, and educate the workforce of tomorrow.

Specifically, CPH works to:

  • Lead population genomics science to inform personalized patient care

  • Conduct cutting-edge translational omics discovery in support of clinical decision-making

  • Create, study, and implement methods for clinical translation and integration of new discoveries and evidence-based practices into the health system

  • Enhance transparency and build trust through community engagement, and leverage precision health discoveries to address health disparities

  • Support robust genomics and precision health medicine education to facilitate and build the pipeline of precision health scientists



Svati Shah, MD, MHS

Svati H. Shah, MD, MHS
Director, Center for Precision Health

Julie Eckstrand

Julie Eckstrand, RPh
Executive Director, Center for Precision Health


Email: julie.eckstrand@duke.edu