CTSI Clinical Research Unit

The CTSI has established a Clinical Research Unit (CRU) to support site-based research that spans existing CRUs and data-oriented studies that serve the institution where there is no other clear CRU home.

Scope of Research within the CRU

The CRU will provide infrastructure, resources, and support to help Duke investigators, from any school at Duke University, translate ideas into innovations that improve health. The CTSI CRU will be responsible for the scientific integrity and relevance, regulatory compliance, financial accountability/feasibility and academic productivity of clinical projects conducted in the CTSI.

The organizational focus of the CRU will be projects that serve the institution and/or span multiple CRUs. Projects will be clustered as either:

  1. Site-based research that spans existing CRUs (e.g., when investigators or project scope spans multiple department or CRUs), or

  2. Data-oriented studies that serve the institution where there is no other clear CRU home (e.g., Biostatistics & Bioinformatics).

The faculty advisory board will develop clear criteria and the Faculty Cluster Director will determine appropriateness for projects within the cluster. Different levels of support will be provided based on the type of research being conducted within the CTSI CRU.


Evan Myers, MD, MPH
CRU Director

To discuss eligibility for inclusion into the CRU and associated fees prior to selecting CTSI in the eIRB, please contact: