Data Exploration Tool

Our self-service tool allows collaborators to easily explore data.

Developers at Duke Kannapolis have published MURDOCK Study data, stripped of identifiers, in an interactive dashboard on the Duke Tableau Server. This dashboard functions as a self-service data exploration tool for investigators to learn about the MURDOCK Study participant population and collected data.

For security reasons, the dashboard may be accessed only with Duke credentials (via single sign-on) while on the Duke network or connected by VPN.

Go to the MURDOCK Study Data Exploration Tool. (This is a password-protected, internal link.)

The data exploration tool supports the MURDOCK Biorepository Transformation Initiative, a unique opportunity to obtain biospecimens for research. The broad phenotypes included in the community-based MURDOCK cohort provide investigators the ability to study many different diseases and longitudinal outcomes, as well as serving as matched controls.

This tool is in beta mode. Developers are working on enhancements to increase access and functionality. Submit ideas, issues, or other feedback via this feedback webform. Thank you!

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