Consult Services at Duke

Research Animal Pathology Support Service

Project consultation for animal pathology support services.

ASIST Office

Provides resources to promote responsible conduct of research and best practices in data management.

Broader Impacts Resource Center (BIRC)

Consultations on conceptualizing, writing about, and implementing broader impacts initiatives and STEM outreach activities.

Community Engaged Research Initiative

Consultations to facilitate community-engaged research, including when and how to engage community partners.

Data & Visualization Services

Consultations on data visualization, digital mapping, data management, data sources, and data science topics

Key Contacts for Library Data Services

Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)

Resource center on all issues related to laboratory animals.

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Individualized development plan for teams in early stage entrepreneurial activities. 

Duke Learning Innovation

Consultations about technologies and strategies to engage learners.

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Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR)

Study and proposal planning consultations for clinical and human subjects research.

Duke Office of Research Initiatives (DORI): myRESEARCHnavigator team

1:1 consultations to ensure that researchers can find resources and navigate processes.

EHR Enhanced Research Support (EERS)

Help researchers leverage Duke's EHR and data warehouse resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Faculty Write Program

Individual writing consultations or planning retreats for your faculty.

Innovation Co-Lab

Consultations about code, troubleshooting, project management/scoping.

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Medical School Library

Research consultations, classes, publication management, literature reviews.

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OIT Academic Media Production (AMP)

Incorporating video into your teaching.

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Office for Translation and Commercialization

Consultations about whether technology is appropriate for intellectual property protection and assist in identifying potential licensees and/or development partners.

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Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality (ORAQ)

Consultations regarding regulatory and quality assurance support in all aspects of translational research.

Presenting Clinical and Translational Science (PCATS)

Consultations, videos, and workshops that cover Principles and Techniques for Developing and Delivering Effective Scientific Presentations.

Project Management & Consultation: CTSI Accelerator

Consultations to help establish project teams, connect investigators with internal and external resources, and identify funding opportunities.

Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC)

Consultations related to best strategy and approaches for recruitment and retention.

Research Networks Liaison Team

Consultations about access to clinical and data research networks to support studies in design, cohort discovery, site selection, recruitment and retention.


Assistance with faculty profile.

Social Science Research Institute: Connections Bar

Consultations on planning and conducting social science research, methods, and tools.

Research Computing Consulting

Guidance and resources to ease data management.