Duke NCSP scholar Marcelo Cerullo accepted to Lefkowitz Society

September 15, 2020


Marcelo Cerullo
Marcelo Cerullo, MD, MPH

Duke National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) member Marcelo Cerullo, MD, MPH, has been selected to join the Robert J. Lefkowitz Society. The Lefkowitz Society provides post-graduate trainees with a greater understanding of how to develop successful academic careers.

The Society was named after Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz, a professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the Duke School of Medicine and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2012. Dr. Cerullo first heard about the Society from a senior resident he works alongside, who talked about the value of being part of a community of scholars who regularly exchange ideas and support each other in adjacent disciplines.

“I really look forward to meeting with the other members - virtually, given the current pandemic,” Dr. Cerullo said. “They're an impressive list of scientists from across disciplines who are committed to research.”

Dr. Cerullo joined Duke NCSP’s inaugural cohort in 2019. As an NCSP scholar, his research focuses on investigating for-profit transitions in hospital ownerships, imaging in thoracic oncologic decision-making, and hospital market structures and surgical referrals.

More than a year into his NCSP experience, Dr. Cerullo credits the program and his mentors as integral in his admission to the Lefkowitz Society and continued growth as a researcher.

“My experience with Duke NCSP has been wonderful,” he said. “I'm extremely grateful to the NCSP leadership for the opportunity, introducing me to my collaborators, and being supportive along the way.”

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