Duke School of Medicine Announces COVID-19 Shared Data and Specimen Repository

The School of Medicine has COVID-19 biospecimens available for use by investigators. Specimens consist of residual clinical samples from the testing and management of patients with COVID-19 at Duke and were collected in partnership with Duke Health Clinical Laboratories.

The repository currently has multiple aliquots of more than 20,000 specimens including serum, whole blood, plasma, nasal swab, nasopharyngeal swab, combined nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab, nasopharyngeal lavage, and bronchoaveolar lavage from more than 4,400 unique individuals with COVID-19. All specimens were processed in the clinical laboratory as part of standard operating procedure and retained for future research use under Duke IRB protocol Pro00105316.

Banking 20,000 residual specimens while, at the same time, performing hundreds of thousands of COVID tests in support of Duke Health was an amazing accomplishment of our lab team.  However, it represents only a small subset of what is possible through our laboratories in partnership with the School of Medicine and its investigators. We look forward to future collaborations," said Mike Datto, Medical Director and Associate Vice President for Duke Health Clinical Laboratories.

Data associated with the samples are available through the COVID-19 Integrated Data Repository. Approximately 140 data attributes are currently available via the COVID-19 IDR and additional data attributes are planned in future iterations. “The School of Medicine recognized this unique opportunity at the beginning of the pandemic and quickly invested in the creation of this resource” says Susanna Naggie, Vice Dean for Clinical Research.  

“This initiative makes thousands of COVID-19 biospecimens and associated clinical data available to researchers to pursue” says Chris Woods, Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Global Health. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to share this powerful resource with Duke investigators.”

Investigators that would like more information about this resource may visit the Duke COVID-19 Shared Data and Specimen Repository. For additional information or assistance, please contact CovidIDRandSpecimensRequest@duke.edu or Lynn Sutton (Lynn.Sutton@duke.edu), Assistant Dean of Clinical Research Initiatives.