CTSA Cores

The Duke CTSI is supported in part by the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Award, NIH Award UL1TR002553.  The CTSA initiative is led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health. The CTSA designates several core capabilities for grant-holding institutions to address. Programs and teams who support these capabilities at Duke, and key contacts for each, are included below.


L Ebony Boulware, MD, MPH | Department of General Internal Medicine
Contact Principal Investigator, Duke CTSA
Director, Duke CTSI

Jennifer Li, MD | Department of Pediatrics
Co-Principal Investigator, Duke CTSA

Jim McNamara, MD | Department of Neurobiology
Co-Principal Investigator, Duke CTSA

Becky Moen | rebbecca.moen@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
Chief Operations Officer

Doug Chartrand | douglas.chartrand@duke.edu | Duke CTSI

Joe McClernon | joseph.mcclernon@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
Evaluation & Strategic Planning

Julie McKeel | julie.mckeel@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
Director of Communications

Karen Johnson | kareno.johnson@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
CTSA Program Director

Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design Core

Elizabeth DeLong | elizabeth.delong@duke.edu | Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Gina-Maria Pomann | gina-maria.pomann@duke.edu | Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Community Engagement Core

Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda | rosa.gonzalez-guarda@duke.edu | School of Nursing
Jennifer Gierisch |  j.gierisch@duke.edu  | School of Nursing
Schenita Davis Randolph | schenita.randolph@duke.edu | School of Nursing
Leonor Adalgisa Corsino | corsi002@mc.duke.edu | School of Medicine
Sabrena Mervin-Blake | sabrena.mervin-blake@duke.edu | Duke CTSI 

Community of Scholars Core

Jessica Pagan | jessica.pagan@duke.edu  | Duke CTSI 
Doug Chartrand | douglas.chartrand@duke.edu | Duke CTSI 
Julie McKeel | julie.mckeel@duke.edu  | Duke CTSI
Amanda McMillan | amanda.mcmillan@duke.edu  | Duke CTSI 
Stephanie Molner | stephanie.molner@duke.edu  | Duke CTSI
Clarissa Diamantidis, MD | clarissa.diamantidis@duke.edu | Departments of General Internal Medicine and Nephrology

CTSI Accelerator Core

Janet Prvu Bettger | janet.bettger@duke.edu | Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Barry Myers |  barry.myers@duke.edu | Biomedical Engineering
Vonda Rodriguez | vonda.rodriguez@duke.edu | Duke CTSI 

Data Science Core

Erich Huang | erich.huang@duke.edu | Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Duke Forge
Assistant Dean for Biomedical Engineering

Lawrence Carin | lcarin@ee.duke.edu | Pratt School of Engineering
Vice Provost for Research

Michael Pencina | michal.pencina@duke.edu | Duke Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Vice Dean for Data Science and Information Technology

Shelley Rusincovitch | shelley.rusincovitch@duke.edu | Duke Forge

Informatics Core

Warren Alden Kibbe | warren.kibbe@duke.edu | Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics 
William Ed Hammond | william.hammond@duke.edu | Duke Center for Health Informatics
Vivian West | vivian.west@duke.edu | Duke CTSI, Duke Center for Health Informatics

KL2 Core

Laura Svetkey | laura.svetkey@duke.edu | Department of Medicine
Kimberly Johnson | kimberly.s.johnson@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Geriatrics
Rasheed Gbadegesin | rasheed.gbadegesin@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Pediatrics
Deborah Jackson | deborah.jackson@duke.edu | Duke CTSI 

​Participant & Clinical Interactions (PCI) Core

Adrian Hernandez | adrian.hernandez@duke.edu | Vice Dean for Research, Department of Medicine
Jeffrey Guptill | jeffrey.guptill@duke.edu | Duke Early Phase Research Unit (DEPRU), Department of Neurology, DCRI
Stephanie Freel | stephanie.freel@duke.edu | Duke Office of Clinical Research
Denise Snyder | denise.snyder@duke.edu | Duke Office of Clinical Research

Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC)

Ranee Chatterjee Montgomery | ranee.chatterjee@duke.edu | General Internal Medicine
Schuyler Jones | schuyler.jones@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Cardiology
Jamie Roberts |  jamie.roberts@duke.edu | Duke CTSI

Regulatory Knowledge & Skills Core

Bruce Burnett | bruce.burnett@duke.edu | Department of Medicine
Amanda B Parrish | amanda.b.parrish@duke.edu | Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality (ORAQ)

Special Populations Core

Dwight Koeberl | dwight.koeberl@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Pediatrics, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Paula Tanabe | paula.tanabe@duke.edu | School of Nursing, Department of Medicine, Surgery
Heather Whitson | heather.whitson@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Geriatrics
K.K. Lam | kk.lam@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
Devon Noonan | devon.noonan@duke.edu | School of Nursing

Team Science Core

Christine Hendren | christine.hendren@duke.edu | Pratt School of Engineering
Jonathon Cummings | jonathon.cummings@duke.edu | Fuqua School of Business
Kristine Glauber | kristine.glauber@duke.edu | Duke CTSI, Duke Office of Research Initiatives

TL1 Core

David Edelman | edelm001@duke.edu | General Internal Medicine
Kevin Thomas | kevin.thomas@duke.edu | Department of Medicine
Sallie Permar | sallie.permar@duke.edu  | Department of Medicine, Pediatrics
Stephanie Molner | stephanie.molner@duke.edu | Duke CTSI
Giny Fouda Amouou | genevieve.fouda@duke.edu | Department of Medicine, Pediatrics

Trial Innovation Center (TIC)

Geeta Swamy | geeta.swamy@duke.edu | Vice Dean and Associate Vice Provost for Scientific Integrity
Lindsey Spangler | lindsey.spangler@duke.edu | Duke Office of Clinical Research
Jamie Roberts | jamie.roberts@duke.edu | Duke CTSI Liaison to TIC

Workforce Development Core

Steven Grambow | steven.grambow@duke.edu | Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Kevin Weinfurt | kevin.weinfurt@duke.edu | Popualtion Health Sciences
Amanda McMillan amanda.mcmillan@duke.edu | Duke CTSI