MURDOCK Cabarrus County COVID-19 Prevalence and Immunity (C3PI) Study

Duke Kannapolis in June 2020 launched the MURDOCK Cabarrus County COVID-19 Prevalence and Immunity (C3PI) Study, a partnership with the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services to understand COVID-19 prevalence and immunity in the community and to monitor the disease over time.

The C3PI study followed the health and well-being of participants for nearly 18 months to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic affected them and their households. Researchers were especially interested in learning more about the behaviors of both symptomatic and asymptomatic people over time. The study also tested a sub-group of 300 volunteers for COVID-19 infection and potential immunity to the novel coronavirus that causes the disease.

Enrollment reached 1,426 participants, and study activities concluded in November 2021. Data analyses are underway. Participants completed biweekly online surveys and achieved an overall survey completion rate of 94%. Over the course of the study, participants contributed:

  • 42,189 completed surveys

  • 8,372 nasal swab tests

  • 2,290 serology tests

Thank you to our study participants! Watch a video photo album.

The MURDOCK C3PI Study was part of a statewide effort to learn more about the community prevalence of COVID-19, antibody evidence of prior exposure, and how these change over time. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and East Carolina University conducted similar research studies in Chatham and Pitt counties.

Kristin Newby

Dr. L. Kristin Newby
Duke Principal Investigator

Chris Woods

Dr. Chris Woods
Duke Co-Principal Investigator

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