Fundamentals of Startup Law

April 3, 2023
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Wilkinson Building, Room 017

Event sponsored by:

Pratt School of Engineering
Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative
Office of Licensing & Ventures
School of Medicine (SOM)


Tanya Fritz


Justyn Kasierski


Justyn Kasierski
Learn about the legal issues founders face when launching a company. Entrepreneurs can save themselves headaches down the road if they focus on company formation issues and protecting intellectual property in the early stages of the game. In addition to different types of agreements, contracts, founders, and equity holders, we'll touch upon kinds of investment, talking to investors, and having a board of directors. This event is a workshop and will require significant engagement from attendees. Participants will receive a copy of Hutchison's Founder's Handbook.

Entrepreneurship Workshop Series