Trial Innovation Center

The Trial Innovation Center (TIC) works to enhance the study start-up process at Duke by streamlining financial planning, accelerating contract negotiation, and facilitating efficient multi-center IRB oversight.

The Clinical Quality Management Program has been implemented through the TIC. Aims of this program include development of tools, templates, and processes to enhance the quality monitoring program at Duke.


  • Streamlining financial planning by developing standard fee structures, budget consultations, and linking fees to clinical research management system.

  • Accelerating contract negotiation by promoting the use of ACTA, executing additional/updated master agreements, guiding investigators through the start-up process, creating a fast-track pathway for TIN studies, and facilitating the use of commonly negotiated contract terms.

  • Facilitating efficient multi-center oversight by further streamlining the process for IRB reliance programs.


Geeta Swamy, MD
Associate Vice President for Research, Duke University
Vice Dean for Scientific Integrity, Duke School of Medicine
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Catee Mullen
Director, Clinical Research Operations, Duke Office of Clinical Research