Duke NCSP Collaborators

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Duke-VA partnership is strong. The vast majority of VA investigators have Duke faculty appointments. VA investigators bring significant experience in implementation science at a local, regional, and national level. Durham VA Medical Center has conducted over 20 studies in the last 5 years that have provided national guidance for the implementation of effective interventions across the national VA health system including, for example, establishing policy for lung cancer screening, obesity treatment, and caregiver support.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a strong community partner for the NCSP and supports a number of VA NCSP fellows each year. The NCSP emphasizes the importance of community health, consistent with VA's goals to optimize the health of the veteran, the VA community, and to contribute to the health of the nation. The VA NCSP fellows have a commitment to conducting research addressing health and policy issues relevant to veterans and reflecting priority areas in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other partnerships include: