DSMM Track: Infectious Diseases

Clinical Infectious Diseases face many challenges, including emerging pathogens, increasing antibiotic resistance, growing immunocompromised patient populations, global mixing and dissemination of infectious agents, and an increased social consciousness to better address infections in developing nations. At the same time, basic research in molecular microbiology and microbial pathogenesis has been explosive with new tools and multidisciplinary approaches to understand the molecular basis of microbial physiology and disease.

The Mission of the Duke Scholars in Infectious Diseases (DSID) track is to:

  • Provide training for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scientists interested in infectious disease-related research and develop interactions among scientists and clinicians.

  • Foster innovative scientific hypotheses that potentially lead to new approaches to translate bench-to-beside and bedside-to-bench research.

Key program components

  • Adult and Pediatric Infectious Diseases Clinical Rotations

  • Adult Infectious Diseases Case Conference

  • Infectious Diseases Journal Club

  • DSID Guest Faculty Meetings

Participants will also have the opportunity to observe the workings of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory and attend the Annual Infectious Diseases Society of America Meeting.

Who should apply?

All predoctoral students and postdoctoral associates studying basic and translational aspects of infectious diseases, immunity, and inflammatory diseases are invited to apply. Predoctoral students should have completed their preliminary examinations prior to starting the program and anticipate being at Duke throughout the program year. Postdoctoral associates should anticipate remaining at Duke throughout the program year.

For more information Contact: 

Micah McClain, Co-Director, ID Program
Neil Surana, Co-Director, ID Program
Ephraim Tsalik, Co-Director, ID Program

Information for Mentors


Division of Infectious Disease - Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious Disease - Department of Pediatrics

DSMM Infectious Disease Faculty Bios

DSMM Infectious Disease Scholars