Resources & Training Opportunities

Included below are a host of resources for learning more about the history of inequities, strategies for incorporating equity in research, and ongoing efforts to shift research culture and practices towards more equitable and inclusive ideals.

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Our faculty and staff can help you:

  • Develop recruitment strategies

  • Create inclusive study materials

  • Foster equitable community engagement

  • Enhance participant diversity

EIR Trainings and Workshops


Incorporating a Racial Equity Lens in your Work and Everyday Life

In this 90-minute workshop, participants will explore the concepts of race, racism, anti-racism, and racial equity. Facilitators will present practical tools for promoting equity in the workplace, classroom, and community.

  • Date/Time: Fall 2023

  • Format: Presentation + small group discussions

  • Presenters: Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD, Dane Whicker, PhD

  • Max Participants: 25

  • Registration Link: N/A


The 5 Ws of Equity in Research

Based on the 5Ws of Racial Equity in Research Framework, this 90-minute workshop takes a deep dive into questions researchers and institutions should explore on their path to infusing equity in all phases of the research process and within research environments. The workshop is ideal for faculty, research staff, trainees, students, and community researchers who seek to develop more equitable research.

  • Date/Time: Fall 2023

  • Format: Presentation + small group discussions

  • Presenter: Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD

  • Max Participants: 25

  • Registration Link: N.A


Gender-inclusive Research

This 1-hour training will introduce participants to the guiding principles of gender-inclusive research. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the importance of both cis- and transgender representation in research studies, best practices for collecting gender data, and most appropriate language for protocols and participant-facing materials

  • Date/Time: Fall 2023

  • Format: Presentation + Q & A session

  • Presenters: Dane Whicker, PhD

  • Max Participants: 100

  • Registration Link: N/A


Useful Links for Understanding and Incorporating Equity into Your Research