DSMM Track: Oncology and Regenerative Medicine

Cancer remains one of the most harmful diseases worldwide as the American Cancer Society estimates that 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed each year and over 35% will result in death. The practice of oncology continually faces the challenge of matching the right therapeutic regimen with the right patient. This challenge is often daunting with only marginal success rates. As a result, new understanding of the biology of cancer is essential to develop better therapeutics and the ability to translate basic science discoveries into the clinical setting.

The Mission of the Duke Scholars in Oncology and Regenerative Medicine (DSOR) Program is to Provide training for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scientists interested in cancer research and to promote opportunities for scientists to interact with physicians to gain experience and an understanding of the clinical problems in oncology.

What are the key program components?

The Duke Oncology Scholars in Molecular Medicine Program features several key components to facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation for translational medicine and clinical questions.

  • Direct interaction with clinicians and clinical scientists during patient care encounters across a wide range of adult and pediatric oncology subspecialties. Leading Duke Cancer Institute oncologists recognized for their teaching proficiency and mentoring were selected to form monthly rotations in the DCI in medical oncology and radiation oncology. 

  • Attend a national oncology meeting (American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) or American Society of Hematology (ASH)) to network with national oncology experts and colleagues.

  • Attend specialty tumor boards and clinical conferences across the DCI and at a national level.

  • End of year presentation at Hematology-Oncology Grand Rounds to foster collaboration between scholars and members of the Duke Cancer Institute.

Who should apply?

Candidates should be in a pre-doctoral program or are currently in a post-doctoral position and have interest in cancer biology.

For more Information, contact:

Andrew Armstrong
David Hsu 
Stephanie Sarantopoulos

Mentors in Oncology and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Gwynn Long
Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Stefanie Sarantopoulos
Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Kelly Marcom
Breast Oncology

Dr. Jim Abbruzzese
GI Oncology

Dr. Gerry Blobe
GI Oncology

Dr. John Strickler
GI Oncology

Dr. Andrew Armstrong
GU Oncology

Dr. Carlos DeCastro

Dr. Harry Erba

Dr. Ahmed Galal

Dr. Danielle Brander

Dr. Brent Hanks

Dr. April Salama

Dr. Rich Riedel

Dr. Will Eward

Dr. Shannon McCall
Surgical Pathology

Dr. Jeff Crawford
Thoracic Oncology

Dr. Neal Ready
Thoracic Oncology

Dr. Jeff Clarke
Thoracic Oncology

Departments & Divisions 

Department of Radiation Oncology

‚ÄčDivision of Hematological Malignancies and Cellular Therapy | Department of Medicine

Division of Medical Oncology | Department of Medicine

Division of Surgical Oncology | Department of Surgery

Oncology and Regenerative Medicine Faculty Bios

Oncology and Regenerative Medicine Scholars