Data Management Tools

CTSI Biostatistics Group

Biostatistics Group –provides expertise in statistical methodology. The Core includes a team of statistical faculty and staff with diverse and extensive experience conducting a broad range of research projects.

DEDUCE (Duke Enterprise Data Unified Content Explorer)

DEDUCE is a tool available to Duke faculty that enables the quantification of potential study subjects at Duke based on varying inclusion and exclusion criteria available in clinical records. It can be used to estimate potential recruitment.

DEDUCE™ is a self-service, web-based clinical research and quality improvement query tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.  It allows for flexible searching of data hierarchies compiled through years of patient care. It allows users with no previous database experience to identify cohorts of patients and extract data while maintaining patient privacy.

The DEDUCE™ data set currently covers over 3.4 million patients, spanning 37 years.  The data are refreshed daily with updates provided from a combination of current Epic Clarity and legacy EDW data elements. The data include more than 1.6 billion lab results crossing over 10,000+ socio-economic data elements based on U.S. census data.

DEDUCE includes clinical information systems serving the Duke University Health System and includes tools for:

  • Real-time tracking of potential research participants (DISCERN)
  • Geographic mapping of patients (DEDUCE Geo)
  • Text analytics search of radiology and pathology reports

NOTE: Users must request a DEDUCE account and be approved by their supervisor.

Click here to learn about requesting a DEDUCE account.



REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases. Surveys or databases can be created directly in REDCap through a web-based project designer, or built in Microsoft Excel® and uploaded into REDCap.


Retrieve Form for Data Capture

Retrieve Form for Data Capture - This open-source software, hosted on App Orchard, transfers electronic health data across REDCap and Epic, reduces data collection time, and prevents manual transcription errors, allowing researchers and their teams to conduct more efficient and high-impact clinical research.