The BERD Methods Core pursues a mission of reaching two equally essential goals:

  1. Link investigators with methodologists across Duke and affiliated institutions, and
  2. Collaborate with an interdisciplinary network of clinical and translational investigators by providing expertise in study design, real world evidence, implementation of methodology, and interpretation of results.

To pursue this mission, the Core uses a model that is a team science-based centralized resource of collaborative biostatisticians that facilitates the ongoing evaluation of quantitative collaboration needs across the institution. Our model fosters long-term partnerships between clinicians and methodologists, by embedding B&B staff and faculty on more than 20 partnership agreements with collaborative groups (departments, divisions, institutes, etc.) across the School of Medicine.

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BERD Core Seeks Project Planner

The grant-funded Project Planner provides project management and operational support essential to the successful management of quantitative collaboration teams and includes identifying research and business objectives that will support the overall data science infrastructure across the Duke University School of Medicine. The work involves translational or clinical research projects that require the development of organizational and informatics solutions to improve clinical research data management and learning health operations.

More information can be found on Duke's Careers website at the following links:

Internal (Duke) candidates:

External candidates:

BERD team
Our BERD Core team.

Identify a Collaborator

There are three ways to find the appropriate resource for collaboration:

  1. Assisted navigation: Complete the BERD request form. We will search the network of quantitative and qualitative resources at Duke to identify if there is an appropriate and available methodologist for the request.
  2. Self-navigation: Visit myRESEARCHpath to learn more about quantitative and qualitative resources at Duke and to find contact information for potential methodologist collaborators.
  3. Attend BERD office hours if you need further guidance.

Learning and Training

The BERD Methods Core provides educational resources for biostatisticians and clinical and translational scientists. This includes seminars and online modules. Find out more about our learning opportunities.

The BERD Methods Core is partially supported with funds from Duke’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (Duke CTSA) and housed within Duke's Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.