Evaluation and Strategic Planning (ESP), part of the CTSA Administration core, applies principles of continuous quality improvement and evidence-based decision-making throughout and across CTSA functions. ESP aims to advance CTSA opportunities for organizational learning and understanding of impact. We focus on the Duke hub but also contribute to CTSA nationally, including participation in the CLIC-CTSA Program Evaluators Group.


Director, Evaluation and Strategic Planning
Associate Director of Partnerships and Integration
Research Analyst, Evaluation and Strategic Planning Core
Project Manager and Research Analyst, Evaluation and Strategic Planning

Major Activities

  • Consultation and advising on evaluation and evaluation-related methods - request a consultation

  • Case studies of research projects developed and/or supported by CTSA

  • CTSA Metrics Tracker (CMT) platform development and pilot implementation

  • Ongoing Core metrics determination and collection

  • Contribution to specific CTSA-aligned projects and initiative (e.g., The Duke Endowment “Research at Pickett (R@P) Road”)

  • Contribution to CTSA-wide efforts (e.g., Exec. Advisory Committee contribution, 4.0 planning)

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