Clinical Research Internship Preceptor Training

Preceptors of clinical research interns who are onboarded through CRISP will be required to complete this online module before requesting an intern. This self-paced online module will provide clinical research internship preceptors with an understanding of what it means to host a clinical research intern, intern preceptor responsibilities, what a successful internship looks like, and how to determine what activities interns can participate in. Register: DOCR-CRISP-103 | 00187656 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the purpose of a clinical research internship
  2. Determine whether your study supports the learning environment required to host an intern and achieve internship objectives
  3. Recognize the responsibilities of the various members of an internship team
  4. Identify study tasks that interns can help with
  5. Recall boundaries for intern access to study data and protected health information (PHI), including patient health records
  6. Describe a successful internship experience
  7. Find guidance for engaging with the Clinical Research Internship Portal (CRISP)