Additional Opportunities

Not Eligible for CRISP?

Although you might not be eligible for CRISP, Duke has additional experiences that might align with your interests. Review the below information to see if you could be eligible. If you have any questions, please reach out to Taryn Cavanaugh Faulk at

Center for Pathways Program: For students and professionals, the Center serves as a starting point from which anyone interested in STEM or medicine can find programs that fit their interests and life stage. Visit their website for more information.

Duke’s STAR Program: The Summer Training in Academic Research (STAR) Program provides a high-quality research experience for undergraduate students, high school students, and middle and high school teachers during the summer academic break. Visit their website for more information.

Work-study: If you have applied for financial aid and have been offered work-study, you have an opportunity to gain great work experience and network with professionals in the Duke community. Visit the Duke Office Undergraduate Financial Support for more information.

Volunteering: Duke University Hospital is pleased to offer a volunteer program for college students. Although the program is designed to meet core competencies for students considering a career in health professions, volunteering is open to all majors. Visit the website of the DUH College Student Program for more information.