Why Are We Doing This Research? 

In the RECOVER-VITAL study, we are researching a possible treatment for adults who have Long COVID or are still sick months after getting COVID. We want to learn if a drug can reduce ongoing symptoms from the virus that causes COVID.

Interested in enrolling? Please read the following, then learn if you qualify by calling 704-273-5456 or emailing recoverCOVID@duke.eduYou can also learn more here about RECOVER-VITAL.

About the Study

Participants will be asked to take a study drug (provided at no cost) and complete surveys, lab tests, physical ability tests and brain function tests.

You may be a good fit for this study if you:

  • Are 18 years of age or older

  • Had COVID in the past

  • DO NOT have an active COVID infection

  • Still have one or more of these symptoms:

    • Exhaustion or low energy that interferes with daily activities

    • Trouble thinking clearly or brain fog

    • Dizziness, fast heart rate, shortness of breath, upset stomach, or other changes in body functions that happen automatically

How Do I Participate? 

You can enroll in the study at the Duke CTSI research center in Kannapolis. Participation in the study will last about six months and includes an enrollment visit, follow-up study visits, and other activities. The participant schedule details the activities and time requirements for each visit. You will not be charged for the study drug or any study-related procedures.


You may receive up to $2,650 for participating in this study to cover study-related costs and to pay you for your time and effort to complete the study activities. You may receive up to $1,900 for completion of main study requirements and up to $750 if you complete all additional options. This is how we divide or split the compensation:

Main Study  
Screening Visit $0
Baseline Visit $300
Study Drug Dosing Midpoint Visit $300
End of Dosing Visit $300
Day 90 Visit $300
Weekly Electronic Survey weeks 1-13 ($25 per survey) $325
Weekly Electronic Survey weeks 14-26 ($25 per survey) $325
Day 180 End of Study Phone Visit $50
Subtotal: Main Study $1,900
Additional Amounts for Samples  
Both stool samples (Baseline and Day 90) $300
Day 45 Optional blood and nasal swab visit $150
Day 60 Optional blood and nasal swab visit $150
Day 120 Optional blood and nasal swab visit $150
Subtotal: Additional amounts $750
Total Payment Summary  
Main Study $1,900
Additional Samples $750
TOTAL (up to) $2,650


Learn if you qualify by calling 704-273-5456 or emailing